Zimly 3.29.318

Zimly - the coolest player on Android?

Zimly is a newcomer to the world of Android media players and looks like a promising contender for the crown. View full description


  • Attractive design
  • Quit app easily to save resources
  • Good use of screen


  • Help isn't good
  • Some feautures are imaginative, but badly explained

Very good

Zimly is a newcomer to the world of Android media players and looks like a promising contender for the crown.

In terms of appearance, Zimly media player is minimalist and attractive. Choose music or video and browse through by artist, album, song or genre. The player interface is large and clear, although some of the options are slightly obscured against certain backgrounds. Even so, it’s easy to navigate between currently playing and other songs by using the three line icon at the top left of the screen.

Zimly’s configuration options are pretty good. You have full control over headset and different auto-resume situations, while there’s also a nice music alarm feature. Even so, we couldn’t help but feel that the app’s lack of in-program help or explanation meant that some features just didn't live up to their potential. For example, the function of the Story feature is a mystery until you search the online help, and the swipe-to-browse feature doesn’t work as well as it could.

The Zimly video interface is similarly clear. It usefully divides your videos into frames, so it's easy to find the part you want, but of course you can play them normally too. Unfortunately, you can't edit your video properties with the app, and in comparison to the music part, Zimly's videos options seem a little underdeveloped.

Overall, Zimly looks very promising, but still isn't quite as good as it could be. It's on the right track, however, and we're really looking forward to future versions.

Zimly is a slick and attractive media player for Android. There's a while to go before it's perfect, but we're hopeful.



Zimly 3.29.318

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